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 All shipping and veterinarian charges are the responsibility of the owner of the bitch.



Katurah's Lord Buckingham Bey   AKC # DL716658/01  ASCA # E92341
Sire: AKC ASCA CH Meshlacon's Grand Design CD,STDs 
Dam:   Shingle Creek's Levis N Lace
Date of Birth:  October 6th, 1997  Color: Black Tri   Tail: Full/Docked  Height:  21 3/4"  Weight: 50 #
Teeth: Scissors/Full Dentition  Eyes: Brown/Cleared Yearly  Hips: OFA Good
Copy of all certificates attached upon approval
Other Accomplishments: Major pointed  ASCA and AKC                                                                             OFA Good, eyes cleared yearly



Attach copies of bitch's OFA, Yearly Eye Clearance, Registrations, & 5 generation Pedigree, plus picture/video and all pertinent breeding & progeny information
Reg. Name Of Bitch________________________________________________Call Name__________
Owner:____________________________________herein after known as "Bitch Owner"
Co-Owner:_________________________________if any, also hereinafter known as "Bitch Owner"
ASCA Reg.#___________________ AKC Reg. #______________________
Other Registration:  Name of Reg. ___________#________________
Color:_________________Markings:_____________Eye Color:____________Teeth:______________
Cerf Date:___________Findings:_________________OFA Rating:______________________________
Other Accomplishments:________________________________________________________________
Will You use a buy/sell contract with your puppy buyers?_______________________________________

1. All shipping and veterinarian charges are the responsibility of the owner of the bitch. Ovulation tests are advised to assure the highest rate of conception. Bitch is to be current on vaccines and free of parasites.

2. If food is not provided by the owner of the bitch, a boarding fee of $5.00 per day will be charged for the first 7 days. From the 8th day on the daily boarding rate will be $7.00 per day regardless of who supplies food.

3. The stud fee is due and payable at the time the bitch is brought in for service unless other arrangements have been made in advance. ALL STUD FEES ARE NONREFUNDABLE.

4. It is hereby guaranteed that said bitch would whelp a litter of at least 3 live pups. If a litter of less than 3 pups is whelped, or it is necessary to cull the litter to fewer than 3 pups due to merle white color or excessive white markings, a free return service will be given. Should less than 3 pups survive due to negligence on the part of the owner of the bitch, or due to death from distemper or other disease, or if the litter is culled to fewer than 3 pups because of lack of white trim, the owner of the stud will not be obligated to give a free return service.

5. Any free return service (as noted above) will be given ONLY to the bitch noted in this contract. Should said bitch die or become unable to conceive or carry a litter, the owner of the stud is no longer obligated to offer a free return service. The offer of a free return service is only good for 1 year from the whelping date of the litter of less than three pups. The guarantee of 3 live pups is considered fulfilled when the bitch whelps a total of three pups from the original breeding and the free return service(s).

6. If a pick of litter pup is to be given in lieu of a cash fee, said pup will be chosen at 7 weeks of age. The pick pup will carry only the stud owner's kennel name. The owner of the bitch guarantees that said pup will be free of disqualifying faults as written in the Australian Shepherd Club of America breed standard, and that said pup will be free of hip dysplasia and hereditary eye defects. Owner of bitch agrees to provide a replacement pup should said pup develop one of these problems. If fewer than three pups survive (as noted above), the owner of the stud may choose the option to take pick of litter from the free return service, rather than from the first service. NO PUPS ARE TO BE SOLD UNTIL THE OWNER OF THE STUD HAS SEEN THE LITTER (EITHER IN PERSON OR BY PHOTOS), AND HAS MADE THE PICK OF LITTER CHOICE.

7. Owner of the stud hereby retains culling rights of the litter produced by this stud service. Owner of the bitch hereby agrees that any excessively white marked pups (i.e. white on ears, white over eyes, white body splashes, white stifles carrying up into the body color) that are not culled, will be sold as pets and are not to be sold to show homes unless the owner of the stud agrees that such a sale may be made

8. Should said stud die, or become unable to sire a litter, the owner of the stud retains the right to grant a free return service (as noted above) to another of his or her studs.

9. Owner of the bitch hereby agrees to furnish the owner of the stud with color photos of all surviving pups in the litter. Owner of the stud is not obligated to sign the litter registration form until said photos are received and unless the stud fee and any other expenses have been paid in full.

10. Owner of the bitch hereby agrees to provide the owner of the stud with a color photo of said bitch, complete pedigree, copies of hip and eye certifications and/or a letter from a qualified veterinarian that said bitch is free from hip dysplasia, and a letter from a qualified veterinarian stating that said bitch has been tested and found free of brucellosis within 2 weeks of the breeding date.

11. Every precaution is taken to protect the bitch from illness, accident, fire, and theft. Owner of the bitch hereby agrees that the owner of the stud will not be held liable for any illness, accident, fire, theft or death of said bitch while under the care of the owner of the stud.

Agreed on this Date:____________________
Stud Owner:___________________________
Pam Schweikert   E-mail

Bitch Owner:___________________________
Print Name:____________________________

Bitch Co-Owner:________________________
Print Name:____________________________
All co-owners must sign.